Third T Shot

Nothing to see nothing to report. I had my third shot of T on Friday 13th July 2012 and I will remember to not doing it standing up next time, my leg felt weird afterwards (but not bad). I chatted to the Dr about the in-between bleeding and he suggested some bloodtests before my next visit and uping the dose! I am unsure if I am excited or nervous. Do I want to go onto a full-dose? Well yeah ‘cos I am unsure if anything is going to change on the half-dose I am having every three-weeks. I wonder if I could stay on half-a-dose every two-weeks instead? Anyhow I have four weeks to do some investigation before my dose may be increased (with my permission of course). In three weeks I see the endo to see how it is all going and I can ask him what his thoughts and my options are.

I am not noticing many changes even though a few people have said I seem different and my voice at times is scratchy. I am definately noticing my voice sounding a little different, ‘downstairs’ growth and some additional strength. I am however battling tiredness and want to almost sleep for the few days after my shot. I am not extra horney but I definately enjoying the feeling of being turned-on and how it all feels. I am not however enjoying the two-weekly periods and in-between bleeding.

I’m feeling a little isolated again and generally am keeping to myself in-between work and hanging out with a few people. I am involved with the trans* and genderqueer community but am also isolated within it because I am not really talking to anyone about me within in. I am focusing more on other things such as work and just getting through each day without being too tired, but I am feeling the need to re-connect a little and touch base with someone who understand genderqueer. Time for a phone call and hot drink catch-up me thinks!

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  1. Forth says:

    I found I noticed changes almost retrospectively. I found myself interested in new things, discarding old things or just viewing stuff with a new perspective and this aspect of it is at least as telling as the physical changes. I’m still definitely me, rather tempted to say more me than I’ve ever been (not that I have an especially objective view of that) but stuff gets reshuffled. Hot chocolate sometime? It’s definitely still the weather for it 🙂

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