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Not out at work

26 Sep

I am starting to loose count of how many months it’s been, how many shots I’ve had and where I am on my journey. I know I am no longer trying to ‘reach’ anywhere, I am simply travelling along and seeing where I go, where it all takes me. (more…)


31 May

At four o’clock tomorrow afternoon I am booked into have my first injection of ‘T’. The box of three syringes sits on my shelf after purchasing them next week. I will be starting off with half a dose, 125mg at three-week intervals. At first when I got my script I was no longer sure what I actually wanted and posted frantically on the FTM discussions group about my worries. After almost a month I’ve settled a little knowing I won’t turn into the Hulk and have the option if stopping at any time. I think I was ready to start until I found a new set of hurdles – another genderqueer.