Random thoughts

I’ve been seeing a psychologist for about six-months now and I no closer to knowing is ‘T’ is for me. I do however stand by my thoughts of it not being a long-term ‘thing’ as I never want to grow up to be a man. Anyhow I think being able to access it is a whole other story since I found out that I HAVE to see a psychiatrist, and from what other people are telling me I will still have to tell ‘the story’ rather than be honest about my gender queerness *sigh*.

None of my family know…am I delusional to think they will never need to? I’m not planning on changing who I am or even re-labelling myself as male. I am very aware that I sit quite in the middle of the gender binary – neither male nor female. I’ll grow facial hair, my voice will drop and perhaps my facial features will masculinize as well as becoming a little less feminine around my hips. I am not saying my own transition will be easy but I think I need to document how over the years I’ve grown to be who I am today – a genderqueer.

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