Period cramps and noticing

Tomorrow I am getting another shot, I am going on a fortnightly basis and am still on half a dose. The last visit I felt quite crampy after my shot, maybe a couple of hours afterwards, like I had period pains. I took some pain relief, which didn’t help, and messages a few friends about their experiences of period cramp-like symptoms and T. After a brief panic I rationalised that cramps are something I had had many times before and that as long as it stayed at ‘just’ cramps and I didn’t get an actual period I could cope. Still I couldn’t help but wonder why…was my body trying to fight the T or was there something else going on that I should get checked out? Anyhow I will have a chat to the doctor tomorrow and see what he says.

I wasn’t sure how long I had been on T for, it doesn’t feel like very long but it works out to be 7-8 months. I am not noticing any further changes but I can say so far my voice has definitely changed, I recorded it a few weeks back and was quite shocked at what I heard. My facial hair is fuzzy and so far I’ve not shaved but have plucked the odd super-long hair. I have no idea what other people think about my facial hair, as in people who don’t know I am on T, but I guess overtime if I don’t shave it will be noticeable enough for people to start asking questions. I don’t have an urge to have sex all the time but the change in desire is definitely an improvement from not feeling much inclined to do anything. My skins seems a little dry at times, which is easily fixed with moisturiser and keeping it hydrated. My bum is hairier, which I am not too happy about but what can you do *shrugs*. I still feel like I don’t have a great amount of energy but that could be due to being on a half-dose and/or having an under-active thyroid. I am noticing boobs a lot more and find them appealing and interesting but manage to not stare too much. I still feel emotional and ‘little’, which I was scared of loosing but haven’t – I was worried that I wouldn’t want to cuddle and feel vulnerable with my partner but I still do and enjoy it. I am still not too fussed about binding but get a little anxious when I feel my chest is ‘too’ noticeable or when I feel ‘too’ femme >.< I am a little worried about my health, nothing in particular mind you, just worried about my cholesterol which was a little high a few months ago and my uncle dying in his 50s from a heart attack. I don’t exercise as much as I should. Overall however  I am kind of happy where I am at the moment even though I am a little envious of other trans guys getting chest surgery and/or passing as guys – all in the life of a genderqueer *sigh*.

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