Anxiety and work progress

I received a reply from the training coordinator at my work. Basically it read “Can we arrange a time to discuss how you would like to proceed with this further, as I think it’s a very important topic?” followed by what days they were available to speak and meet. That was last week and I still haven’t called, partially because I am not sure if I want to go ahead and bring attention to myself now that I am transferring to another counselling service. I will think about this a little more and see how I go.

Work has been one place I can go and relax. When my anxiety is up or I am feeling stressed I find distraction at work. I am wondering how this might change if I choose to go ahead and ‘come out’ to come work peers? I am thinking perhaps the education on genderqueer could be for the staff and not my work peers who offer the counselling…? A plan for my supervisor and team leader to understand my want for gender-neutral pronouns etc. Maybe…

In other news my anxiety is back up and although I was concerned it was due to my hormone levels in-betweeen three-weekly shots I am fairly certain it is also due to my ‘normal’ r’ship anxiety I’ve always experienced. I won’t go into the who and why but I will elaborate by saying that I often feel isolated because I don’t know who I can talk to about this stuff. So many people roll their eyes when you launch into your love-life dramas that I’ve stopped talking about them, in-fact I have stopped talking about anything personal, and yes I have sought out a counsellor, but friends are always better because you can do it over a coffee.

Anyhow I am not in the right headspace (due to my anxiety levels) to write anymore today – thanks for dropping by though!

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