A month to go

I finally summoned up the courage to take the next step, I called the endocrinologist after I posted my consent form back to the psych two weeks ago. I was hoping to have an appointment in the next few weeks, but instead it is over a one-month wait. What once didn’t feel urgent to me now is…why?

I’ve been thinking too much and finally want to see if this is the right pathway for me. I know that I want to take it slow, but I at least want to start. Maybe I’ve been too hesitant, waiting all this time as I watch others transform, only to be left waiting again.

I’ve also tried connecting with other trans guys and genderqueers, but ti no avail. The guys are either busy, egotistical or almost strangers so I wouldn’t ask. As for the genderqueers, where are they in Melbourne? No one to talk to face-to-face over coffee, well at least I have the internet!

I know April will soon be here, yet it seems so far…maybe I’ll have started by my birthday…. Now to find someone else out there who’s not a character in one of the books I am reading.

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