30 Day Genderqueer Challenge Day 3

What’s your favorite ways of upsetting gender roles / genderbending / genderfucking?

I’ve been on ‘T’ for quasi six-months and have enough facial hair to either pass as a pre-pubescent boi or a bearded woman. I am never quite sure how people see me, or more to say I am sure queer people see me as part of the trans* umbrella while workmates might just think I am hairy for a lesbian.

Since starting ‘T’ and my voice dropping I’ve found myself binding my chest less and less, however this is more about comfort and wanting to be able to breath than not wanting to ‘pass’. I still try to flatten my chest with sports crop tops and wearing baggier tops. I enjoy dressing in shirts as much as I like my girly tops, only thinking about my dress choice for a couple of seconds before not caring what gender I am perceived as. For a party I don’t mind going in girl-drag and am thinking about possibly buying a tutu. Where most trans* guys are waiting for chest surgery and to grow a beard before wearing a dress out in public to genderfuck I am quite happy to do it right now while I am still growing facial hair and my boobs intact.

Mostly however I genderbend by just being me and genderqueer – I allow myself to wear and be however I feel and just smile if someone is confused in the process.

Adapted from the 30 day Trans challenge and the 30 day [GSM] challenge

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