30 Day Genderqueer Challenge Day 12

Are you part of the Gender and Sexuality Minority community?

I dunno am I? Sorry I found this to be slightly a silly question for a genderqueer challenge, but maybe it isn’t…

I am unsure if I belong to a ‘minority’ so excuse me if I write more about belonging to a gender and sexuality community. From the time I ‘came out’ as a lesbian to when I re-emerged as genderqueer I’ve belong to the GLBT (minority) community. Initially I felt, as a young lesbian/dyke, that I was part of this ‘community’, but as I grew I didn’t feel welcome or accepted. I wonder now if I knew I wasn’t really a ‘lesbian’, but in fact genderqueer? Eventually I lost contact with a lot of people and friends who identified as lesbian and slowly left this community I once thought would be there to support me.

Through this period I still dated individuals who identified as women and lesbian, but I also tried to make other connections with the trans* community. I don’t think they (the trans* community) knew who or what I was – I don’t think I did either at the time. I wanted to connect with someone but I think I came across as slightly odd and/or obsessive. It was almost like I was too lesbian/female to be seen as queer or possibly trans* and it wasn’t until I started working and volunteering within the LGBT community that I started being ‘seen’. Once I started volunteering with a trans* organisation and dating someone who identified as that themselves it was almost like I was allowed into this inner sanctum.

Because of my involvement with the genderqueer and trans* community I guess I am automatically part of the ‘gender and sexuality minority’, however this doesn’t necessarily mean that I feel., internally, I am all the time.

Adapted from the 30 day Trans challenge and the 30 day [GSM] challenge
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