30 Day Genderqueer Challenge Day 1

Do you use any other terms to define or explain your gender?

Most of the time I struggle with understanding the question, “define gender to me first” I want to ask. According to Genderqueer Identities “gender can refer to sense of self (gender identity), perception of self by others (including gender recognition or misgendering), behavior, expression, and role. There are both psychological (arising in the mind) and socio-cultural (determined by others, ideas about what is masculine and feminine, and role expectation) aspects of gender. In general, the popular phrase “gender is what’s between your ears, sex is what’s between your legs” represents the way the gender and sex distinction is typically viewed”.

I would say I explain my gender as genderqueer, trans* and non-gendered. I acknowledge I was born female (or with female bits) but I don’t really see or feel myself to be one. When explaining to non trans* people I have to explain what transgender means and then explain that some people choose not to ‘transition’ as such and prefer geneder neutral pronouns, to dress differently, surgery and/or hormone therapy.

So on that note I ventured over to Yay Genderform! and did a bit of a quiz on my gender. My gender is: biogirl, boi, boigrrl, boy with a vagina, boy with boobs, boygrrl, differently-gendered, gender confused, gender pirate, genderfuck, genderqueer, girlboi, girlboy, grrlboi, grrlboy, queergendered, trans, transqueer and transquestioning.


Adapted from the 30 day Trans challenge and the 30 day [GSM] challenge.




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